Morgan O'Shea provides a full range of engineering services working with a variety of material.

Structural Steel - we fabricate and erect steelwork for any sized building, from the garden shed to international airports.

Tank and Piping - we are experienced in making and fixing all sorts of tanks and piping, both steel and stainless.

Welding - if it involves welding, we do it. Our welders are qualified in MIG and TIG welding in steel, stainless steel and alloys, including ASME 9 certification.

Machining - our skilled machinists can make almost anything in our fully equipped machine shop.

Scaffolding - we are your local Clutha District scaffolders. Our fully-qualified team are equipped with all the gear to provide all certified scaffolding.

Retail - our retail shop fronting on James Street provides top quality engineering parts and supplies. We are also a BOC gas distributor for gas supplies.

Taking out the archimedes screw 'Big Jude'  - the biggest screw in town.